Thursday, May 20, 2010

Super Busy

I have been super busy these last few weeks. Managing a household, a job, and volunteer service is hard work! I really need to find a way to not overextend myself, still working on that. I always get asked by some of my friends, how I do it?....I don't know, I just do it. I can't sit still, it is a skill, trait, curse that I have picked up since childhood (spent some time exploring that in therapy, it isn't all good, believe me)
So here is what I/we have been up to and occupying valuable brain space:
  • End of the school year activities, like looking for missing library books, making arrangements for the boys missing the last 2 days fo school, making sure they have enough lunch money in their accounts to get them to the end.
  • Dentist appointments. I have learned that once you have health/dental insurance, don't put off getting any procedures done because you never know when your insurance will disappear.
  • Researching, getting quotes for the best prices and quality for the blinds in our basement windows. Finally after 2 years there is some privacy in the basement.
  • Cleaned and organize the garage..... again. The garage was out of control. Ryan uses it as his workshop for building things, currently a homemade camera and making rocket fuel. The boy does not put anything away. I really went at it with trying to dejunkify. I have 2 pieces of furniture that were in storage in the garage that have been there for about 4 years, we haven't used them since we moved from our Colorado home 5 years ago. I pulled them out so I could take pictures of them so I could try to sell them. I made a trip to DI (Deseret Industries) and dropped off a big load of stuff that is still in good shape, but no longer used, seriously who needs 1500 different types of screws. I threw away lots of junk, I don't know why we were keeping. Big project on the horizon: sealing the garage floors, finishing and painting the walls and installing shelves.
  • I have also tried to dejunkify things inside our home. Over the last few weeks, I have sold stuff on ebay. I have made about $450 dollars over the last few weeks. I still have some things listed that I am expecting to make another $100 and still more things I need to list. It started out with trying to make some extra cash for a splurge and get a wallet I have been coveting, then it turned into using the $$$ for my upcoming girl's weekend, but now I am rethinking and may use the $$$ for new bedroom furniture. (BTW, I got the wallet anyways).

There is lots more stuff, but I gotta get to work. I will try to post more of my doings later today with pictures.