Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

I'd like to take some blog space and dedicate this posting to my Father, Luis. I can't say enough about how much I love this wonderful man. He is not perfect, but he has tried to be the best father that he can be, of that I am sure. He grew up without a father and at a very young age, he also lost his mother to cancer. My father didn't get any thing past an elementary school education, but always searched for knowledge. He grew up in poverty, but I've never heard him complain about it. He has always been an example to me of hard work, dedication and integrity despite hard times and trials. My father has been a "blue collar" worker all his life. In all my years of growing up, I never heard him complain to his children about the menial jobs he would do. He gently pushed me to be who I am and led me to believe that I could do anything I set my mind to. My father has always been a quiet man. When he talks we (my brothers and I) listen. I am so thankful that as each year passes, I get to know my father more and that I have the opportunity to still continue to learn and gain wisdom from my father.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Strawberry Days 5K & Kids Run

Ever since Ed ran the Salt Lake Marathon on '08, Brennan has been really upset that we didn't sign him up to run the Kid's Mini-Marathon, so this year we signed him up for the 1/2 mile Kids Run as part of the Strawberry Days Festivities. He was so cute, because he has known about it for a long time and got some "running shoes" and started "training" with Ed. They ran to the park and back for several weeks as part of the "training schedule". He was so excited and I had no trouble getting him up early that day. Brennan did really well. There were 12 finishers in the Male 5 to 6 age group and 67 finishers in the race. His overall finish place was 28 and his age group finish place was 4. His time of 4:30.6 which gave him a 9:00 pace per mile.
Ed also decided at the last minute to run the 5K. He has not run in a race in quite a while, so he was excited about that. I'm sure he would rather I did not publish his results ;-)
I'd like to add, that I also ran 5K that same morning, 2 hours earlier, except there was no one cheering me on. I had a personal best and felt like puking afterwards. I was thankful that it was only 3 miles and not the 6.5 miles I ran the week before or the 8 miles that I "get to" run next week.
Ryan was home asleep while all this was going down. Smart boy!

Ed coming into the Finish Line

Brennan in the middle

My cute Runners

Strawberry Days Carnival

The joy of living in the quaint little town of Pleasant Grove, Utah is Strawberry Days every June. The Rodeo, the Carnival, the Parade, the week long activites and the best part, the traditional STRAWBERRIES & CREAM!! Yum! I usually take Brennan to the Carnival myself during the day to avoid the crowds, but this year Ed went with us and we went with our neighbors the "J" Family and their cute younger kids, while Ryan and the older "J" kids went to the rodeo. It was super fun for the kids. It started raining, but we just kept going. Needless to say, we were drenched afterward, but we had loads of fun. Brennan was particularly excited because he rode the big rides with Ed.

The cute "J" kids. Love these cute kids.

Brennan is in the 2nd car with his hands up! Crazy thrill seeker!

Yeah for Ed for riding this crazy ride with Brennan. They said it was "way fun". It looked like a "make me dizzy and nauseous for the rest of the day" kinda ride to me.

Field Day

What would school be without the traditional Field Day! Personally, I use to hate field day, because I always "stunk" at competitive things. Couldn't get any ribbons (back when it was still PC to give out ribbons).

Kindergarten Graduation

I can't believe Brennan has graduated from Kindergarten. I can't believe he will be going to school ALL DAY next school year. It makes me so SAD. I think he is still a baby. He can't handle being gone all day....wait!!! I can't handle it.

Josh, Jake & Brennan
Brennan & Dad

Brennan and Mom

Brennan receiving is diploma from Mr. T, Principal

Catchin' Up

I have been out of "circulation" for the past month. It has been a super crazy and busy end of May and June. We have been busy with end of school year activities. For the next several post, I will be catching up on the last 30 days. Some is boring stuff, but I gotta save it for the sake of posterity.