Friday, April 30, 2010

Track & Field 2010

This year Ryan participated in Track and Field for the Junior High. He participated in several running events, but his thing was the High Jump. We had no idea he had an interest in doing this, but he was really dedicated going to all the practices, even in the chilly weather. The first time I saw him do high jump, I was so nervous, I just about passed out. I had never seen anything like it. I was so impressed.

You can't tell so well in the above picture, but Ryan's arms are so buff.

I realized after the 1st track meet, that there is a lot of waiting around at these meets.

This video is of Ryan running the tail end of the 800m. I was so excited at how fast he was going that it's not so good video and I am cheering him on so you'll hear by obnoxious frantic cheering.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Visit to the Ranch - Spring 2010

A couple weeks ago we had a nice visit to the grandarent's ranch in Colorado. We always enjoy our visits. It's always relaxing and there is always something for the boys to do. On this visit, grandpa put the boys to work. Grandpa gathers and collects wood all year round to run his wood burning furnace.

Grandpa's wood pile and woodburning furnace

While Grandpa, Ed and Ryan were working, Brennan was doing this:

There was also some of this.... boys being boys:

The Callahan boys

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Racoon Eyes

One week ago today we were having such great weather that my friend Christine and I sat outside all day on her front yard. We ate lunch outside, sat out for about 5 hours and just talked, laughed, watched the kids play and had a great afternoon. We were both wearing our sunglasses, just relaxing. When I finally made it inside to make dinnner, I noticed that my arms were stinging and my nose was burning. I looked at my arms and they were red from too much sun. I looked in the mirror and half my face and nose were red. Because I was wearing sunglasses, I have racoon eyes. So the days go by, the redness sets in to a tan, but I still have racoon eyes. Ryan and Ed like to look at me and laugh about it. Fast forward 1 week to this morning as I am helping Brennan get ready for school, I look into his face and I tell him, "I don't think you are getting enough sleep, you have dark circles under your eyes." He looks carefully into my eyes and thinks for a minute and he says, "Well you have white circles under your eyes". It's not from concealer, I still have racoon eyes.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break-Zoo

Brennan has been 'pestering' me about how he has never gone to the zoo (I did take him as a toddler), and how all his friends have gone and he is the only kid that has never gone to the zoo. Pretty much, he gave me a guilt trip, made me feel like a bad parent now I have joined the ranks of good parents and took my boys to the zoo, and here is the proof.
I had a great time with Ryan and Brennan. I love spending time with them, we make each other laugh. I find out all sorts of things about them when I have them all to myself with no electronic distractions.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A friend posted this on her FB account. Especially funny if you went to BYU.

Valley 3 News: BYU Brings Caffeine to Campus from Jimmy Newell on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Funny Fools!

Happy April Fools. No time for pranks, but I do have two funny stories compliments of Brennan.
Story #1:
Last night as I was doing something in the kitchen, I called to Brennan who was in the Family Room that it was time for bed.
Me: "Brennan, time for bed"
Brennan: (as he hides underneath a blanket) "Brennan is not available right now, but leave a message and he'll get back to you...BEEEEEEEP"

Story #2
This is the Chincilla story that I mentioned a couple nights ago. Last week Brennan checked out a book at the library about Chincillas. He has been trying to convince us to get him a Chinchilla. The book has a lot of pictures that Brennan likes to look at. It was after dinner and I was sitting next to Ryan looking at pictures on the computer when Brennan comes up to us with book in hand opened to this picture:

Brennan: (speaking to me) "Look this is you and Dad. (Pointing at picture) This is you and this is dad."
Me: (mouth open, speechless)
Ryan: (snickering....)
Me: "Wh Wh What??"
Brennan: "This is you and dad"
Ryan: (more snickering and now laughing) "That's how you happened Brennan"
Me: (mouthing to Ed 9 feet away, "what has he seen?" with a horrified look on my face)
Brennan: "Yah, this is you and dad when your are on the couch hanging out & watching TV"
Ed, Me & Ryan: (collective sigh of relief and laughing)

Our mind was in the gutter, we saw it so literally, when all Brennan saw was that these Chincillas were cuddling. We have had a few good laughs about this and we are also really relieved we didn't have to do any explaining.