Monday, June 23, 2008

Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay

This weekend I was a volunteer at the 2008 Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay from Logan to Heber. The Wasatch Back is a 2 day 181 mile relay race. Teams are running overnight and my job was to manage other volunteers who were helping keep the runners on course and keep them from getting lost. Each team is required to provide volunteers. I volunteered for my friend's team, "Shane Richins and the Gang, featuring Shane Richins". It was such fun, I met super nice people, with lots of sprit (they dressed up to cheer the runners on). I'm still trying to recover from pulling an all nighter. Only for you Ashley and Shane!!!!

Goblin Valley State Park

On our way home from Lake Powell we stopped at Goblin Valley State Park. We have been here two other times when Ryan was younger, but we wanted to show it to our other little goblin. Brennan agrees with me that it is like being on another planet.

Lake Powell 2008

Our annual Lake Powell Trip was a success. We had so much "Fun in the Sun" with Dale & Mary Callahan and the Otte Girls. We were overrun by lots of "teenagers" this year, but we love it because everyone gets along so great. Like every year, there was great food, fun, swimming, boating and hanging out. I have lots of pics, but, here are just a few and Margy (my step-sister-in-law and friend) is sending me more because she takes the best pictures. Can't wait to get them and I'll post more. 1. Brennan getting his nails painted purple by Dana 2. Ryan and Brennan on the kayak 3. Brennan hanging out shooting everyone with the water gun 4. The teenagers (Brennan thinks he's a teenager) --Ryan, Brennan, Stephanie, Dana, Audrey and Renee 5. One of the kid's favorite activites was kayaking to the other side of the inlet we were on and hanging out, away from the adults.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

On the Ranch

We are at Grandpa Dale and Grandma Mary's for a few days. We just love it here. The boys love the exploring that they get to do while at the Ranch. Here are a few pics of the surroundings on the Ranch...the grain silo, the horses, Shorty Adams, Babe and Drifter. No cows right now, they are in pasture ready to head up to the mesa for the summer.

Summer Fun Begins!!

We love our fun family/kid friendly street. Our friends and neighbors the Richins have a waterslide they put up a couple times a week in the summer, and it is summer headquarters. Everyone just gathers there and the "kids" have so much fun. And by kids I mean, Shane and the rest of the little ones.

Taking Care of Quail

I'm trying to play "catch-up". I've been super busy with all the activities that go along with the end of the school year for the boys. So please don't mind the randomness of the posts.

A few weeks ago, Ed was jogging and there was a quail in the middle of the road. He said the quail was not moving to approaching cars, and if you know quail, those little buggers are fast and don't let you get near them. He said he tried to shoo it of the road, but it wouldn't budge, so he figured it was injured and picked it up and brought it home. We kept it in the hamster cage and tried not to disturb it and let it rest. The next day he was on his feet and we let him out in the front yard, he stuck around for the day and then disappeared. Hope he made it. Good look quail!!!